What Do YOU Think Is The Healthiest?

Created By: Annie Bunzel and Elizabeth Johnson

Problem: How healthy do you think your fast food restaurants are?

Hypothesis: If we show our science class pictures of fast food from Culver's, Panera Bread, McDonalds, and Noodles & Company then we think that people will choose Culver's for the first comparison, Noodle's & Company for the second, McDonald's for the third, and Noodle's & Company for the fourth.

1. Compare menu items from popular restaurants:
including hamburgers (plain), ice-cream cone (vanilla), side salad, and chicken noodle soup in terms of sodium content, total fat, and calorie count
2. Show class pictures of some menu items to see what they think is healthiest based on looks and knowledge of restaurant. 
-  Nutrition facts of Panera Bread, McDonalds, Noodles and Company, and  Culver's products
- People with different opinions on food
- Well organized chart for your information